September 27, 2007 10:50 AM

A Derailleur song with driving guitars, keyboard goofery, and lyrics from the point of view of a peripheral character in Infinite Jest.

I'm singing this one, and playing keyboard and rhythm guitar. It gets pared down substantially live.

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I don't remember, are you still playing with Derailleur? You guys are a fun band!
posted by snsranch at 4:15 PM on September 28, 2007

Thanks! And yeah, Derailleur's the current band. We're even being unusually active lately, with a whopping two shows coming up in the next couple of months. By our standards, that's fever-paced.
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you should see Pemulis with an emulsion curve, yawning blasely under his bill-reversed yachting hat and scratching an armpit, juggling differentials like a boy born to wear a pocket-protector and high-water corduroys and electricians' tape on his hornrims' temples
posted by mattbucher at 9:35 AM on October 2, 2007

i approve.
posted by pemulis at 8:03 AM on October 26, 2007 [1 favorite]

Wonderful song based on a wonderful book!
posted by One Second Before Awakening at 7:45 PM on December 3, 2008

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