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October 2, 2007 4:26 PM

A big ol' composition kind of song. Just a little bit like "post-rock" I guess. As before but this time with multiple takes, stereo, and fun little stuff scattered all around. It's also my first project using Logic Pro, which seems to rock

posted by tmcw (3 comments total)

Sounds like you're having fun with your new toy (Logic Pro). I just listened to the other version and this one is definitely more dynamic and kicks ass. Nice.
posted by snsranch at 6:28 PM on October 2, 2007

Hey, did you get the new version of Logic that just came out? If so, what do you think of it?

Nice little piece here, by the way.
posted by danb at 8:05 PM on October 2, 2007

Yeah, I'm using the latest version... I'm just lucky enough to go to a school which put a recording studio in the basement of it's library, with lots of toys. I'll be adding some keyboard(s) probably soon, with their equipment.
posted by tmcw at 8:58 PM on October 2, 2007

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