March 4, 2008 10:41 PM

An instrumental composed in an electronic music suite. And I barely knew what the fuck I was doing.

This electronic music suite was located in a very old building at ____ College. I never went to ____ College. I had a friend (my babymomma before the baby, actually) whom I visited often up there--it was a beautiful, rural campus. She happened to have a key to the electronic music room, so if I was hanging out with nothing to do while she was researching her thesis, I would take the key and go futz around over there. It was a risk, because it was a small enough college that if anyone walked in, they'd know I wasn't one of them. Getting caught trespassing would not have been good.

The room had a Mac, a fancy keyboard that acted like a piano, banks and banks of wires and knobs, and a tape player to record the final product on. That's pretty much all I knew: Mac, Keyboard, how to launch an application, the button to turn the stuff on... and a good excuse if someone came by. (I kept these activities mainly to the middle of the night.) Over the course of a year, I came out with 7 or 8 songs, all hastily nailed together, all fun and exciting to make.

I think Rush must have been in my brain -- 80's prog-rock and Stereolab mixing it up in my head somewhere; so, by way of the hunt-and-peck method, I came out with this.

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(Oh, this was in 1994 or 95.)
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