The Last Time I Saw Moscow

March 4, 2008 9:10 PM

A very lo-fi one-take recording by The Grandma Sylvias. Acoustic guitar and vocals only; all apparent distortion is coming from knobs turned very high.

This was written when I was listening to the first Mountain Goats record nonstop, but it's not really an imitation Mountain Goats song -- more of an attempt to imitate the Mountain Goats method of making songs, if that makes sense.

This version recorded through laptop mic one afternoon last summer. I keep meaning to redo it properly but keep not getting around to it. Now I've grown to like this very rough and brutally clipped version. Anyway, I thought it might spur me to action if the geniuses of MeFiMu had any suggestions as to how this should be arranged -- e.g. does it want bass and drums, or something else, or should it stay guitar and singing only...?

posted by escabeche

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