March 8, 2008 7:52 PM

This is the reaction to my constant enthusiasm about music theory: I strung up my first guitar, a 3/4 size steel-string classical, with a mismatch of electric guitar strings, and tuned it BF#BBBD#. Then just played whatever. It made for an entertaining spring break and a kind of 'endearing' song.

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This is really cool, and inspiring in a "I should try that kind of way". And it actually turned out a nice tune, which I wasn't expecting.

I just listened to "Trucker's Lullabye". Why don't you sing in more songs?? I think your voice is super cool, and I want to hear more of it!
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It's very pretty, and I think the mismatched strings give it a nice and oddly "broken" quality, if you know what I mean. It's a dysfunctional guitar, in a really good way.

It made for an entertaining spring break...

You broke a spring? Funny, I didn't hear that in the track.
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This is really quite beautiful.
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This is lovely, those random harmonics are just gorgeous.
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