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July 5, 2008 7:31 PM

Another tale (the first, and only) involving Agent Expatokeydokey.. The fire sounds are from a hookah coal. The noise is from a failing cable from the psr-520.. or from me

posted by xorry (5 comments total)

it could have used a bit more wather...
posted by xorry at 8:36 PM on July 5, 2008

I think the fire noises are really, quite cool. I've never noticed the hookah coal making any noises... did you put a mic really close it or something?

Really interesting.
posted by Corduroy at 10:11 PM on July 5, 2008

Nice sound effects! There is a foley artist in there clawing his way out.

I like the way the music never fully commits to being a song or a This American Life-esque backdrop. At some points it grabs your attention (by getting louder, overpowering the VO, etc.), and other times it barely registers. It's a neat effect.
posted by danb at 8:03 AM on July 6, 2008

Thanks for the comments! The crackling from the coals is from the self-lighting covering. It's right up against the mike.
posted by xorry at 4:39 AM on July 7, 2008

That had a quality like finding a charred photograph on the sidewalk. Nice!
posted by not_on_display at 8:12 AM on August 1, 2008

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