December 3, 2008 4:59 AM

Found this on an old CD, but it's about as good as anything else I've done so I'm sticking it out there. A simple, upbeat jungle-technoy thing with layered breakbeats and a nasty synth lead dominating the second half.

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I like whatever that weird horror movie sounding thing is at about 1:48. Also the Mario Brothers sounding line that starts at around 2:45. This genre kind of mystifies me but it must have been fun to brew this stuff up.
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fuckin' love the first half of this

the nasty synth needs to be thicker, more chaotic / more nasty i reckon -- the synths you bring in during the second half (imo) don't do justice do the groove you start off on, but that's not to say their bad - the 'nasty synth' maybe could use more variation and the low-freq/bassy one could maybe use more noise/crackle, but i'm only telling you that to turn this beat perfecto... for something you just found on an old cd it's delicious
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on listening to this again, i thought more of what i said initially, and sort of changed my mind a bit. I actually like the low-freq-bassy synth (sort of the womp womp one you roll in after the nasty one split in the channels during the latter half of the song, and i think you should leave it as is). the first synth, the bass you drive the song off to start at 0:00, could maybe be cranked up to fill out the woofer. it's the nasty synth that i think really needs fixing, as it gets repetitive. perhaps you can use it just one off, maybe two or three times play its pattern in the song? as in, play that pattern at a break, then you know all get all drum and bassy after.

so you'd have,

first half/bass/drums/build to the:
Nasty synth: Berr whaa oo-oo (play the four note melody once)
Then a single snare. silence for the rest of the bar (like a quick jungle stop)
And on the downbeat that low-freq, bassy, spacey synth and the jungle drums and bass full force.

hope this makes sense, this is just my imagination thinking out loud here. if had the capabilities on my laptop, i'd try to rearrange it to show you what i mean, but yeah this track kicks ass.
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Thanks for the really detailed feedback, ageispolis. Much appreciated. I do agree with you. The synth doesn't do the groove justice. At the very least, if I was doing this today, I'd do some "live" knob twiddling on the synth line to breathe variation into it. Your points make perfect sense, though.
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