1988 (Phoenix Mars Remix)

February 9, 2009 9:21 AM

I decided that God Particle's 1988 needed lyrics, so I added some text-to-speech from Phoenix's Last Transmission From Mars. Everything is better with sad robots!

This is my first time remixing anything

posted by The Whelk (2 comments total)

I listened to this when you first posted it and I thought it was really awesome. Still do.
I didn't say anything because I didn't really have anything of substance to say, but since no else has said anything, I'd thought I'd just say I really like this. It's kinda depressing in a good, end-of-a-good-movie-where-the-hero-dies-but-everything-is-really-actually-ok. If that makes sense.
Thanks for sharing.
posted by niles at 7:35 PM on February 13, 2009

Aw thanks! The levels are all over the place and I think I crowded the first part. I might do another remix now that I have a vague idea of what I'm doing (as opposed to no idea, like before)
posted by The Whelk at 10:06 AM on February 20, 2009

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