In 3/4 Time

February 17, 2009 4:34 PM

A song I wrote, I kind of need to give myself a kick into doing more. For anyone that listened to the ABBA cover, thanks, and here's something a bit more upbeat. It's kind of weather related pop.

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Great vocal production again -- and a very good performance. It's got a nice and airy sound, and this time around I enjoyed the instrumentation more too. Personally I wish for something quirkier to happen in your music, but I don't know that it would suit your style. You obviously know what you're doing. Are you recording this at home? It sounds great.
posted by edlundart at 5:21 PM on February 17, 2009

The harmonies in the chorus are bloody brilliant. Well done.
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Not recording this at home, but in a local home studio, the guy there really knows his stuff so I should give him a shout out, he's at if anyone's in Edinburgh (Scotland). I tend to work on stuff at home and then take it in and beef it up especially the backing (drums and bass).

For quirkiness, or getting something else to stick out a bit more, I think I see what you mean, maybe not enough Lennon, too much McCartney? I am working on some new songs, so will try and use the feedback and keep you updated. I'm really pleased that people check the songs out, as I am used to friends saying nice things, but it's great when other obviously talented people say something nice!
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Yes, not enough Lennon, too much McCartney is exactly what I mean. Well said. But obviously, that's a personal taste thing too. I find with my own music that I always want it to be a little more... idiosyncratic... than it usually ends up being. So I try to push in that direction, but it's kind of a long haul. You may not be interested in that same journey, but that's what I'd push toward if I were you. Either way I look forward to hearing more.
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