Cover: The Rose

April 20, 2009 6:21 PM

Instrumental guitar cover of The Rose by Bette Middler. Done in one take, as its recorded with just one guitar line theres been a few compromises with the melody. Also a few dud notes but every time I tried to re record it the cats kept getting in the way! Perfect for Mothers Day which is coming up here in Australia.

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Admira, I really enjoy your posts, and this is no exception. It's a simple, beautiful sound, full and free. Great job.
posted by abc123xyzinfinity at 7:58 PM on April 21, 2009

Thanks! Always appreciate the feedback. I'm working on something of an ironic cover at the moment, and a few other things as well.
posted by Admira at 10:36 PM on April 21, 2009

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