chthonian planets 4

April 25, 2009 4:05 PM

A curious alien has snatched one of our spacecraft from orbit and sent back a very strange signal...

posted by wastelands (3 comments total)

The name of the track comes from a hypothetical type of planet. (None have been observed in nature... yet.) It's a gas giant with a metal core, where all the gas has been stripped away.
posted by wastelands at 5:30 PM on April 25, 2009

As I listen, I can see the waveforms on a 1950s green trace oscilloscope.

I start to enjoy the intermittent sharp spitty tones.
posted by idiopath at 11:28 PM on April 25, 2009

Thanks for the comment, idiopath. :-)
posted by wastelands at 12:43 AM on April 26, 2009

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