The Cheese Alarm

June 12, 2009 11:24 AM

Exactly what we need right now.

My old roommate had the album from which this song originates, Robyn Hitchcock's Jewels for Sophia (1999), and I loved this song so very much. However, I forgot to rip it before he moved across the country, and, well...after 5 years or so, I've completely forgotten how it actually goes. This looks like a job for improv!

Featuring man vs sun on cheesy piano, and Pheatherwait on barely audible background vox, recorded with just a keytar and an SM-58.

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I apologize deeply for my terrible fake (unintentional) English accent. It just sort of...happened.
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I say, no Wensleydale?? Outrageous...I shall write to my MP! I laughed all the way through this until you got to the bit about half the world starving. So this cheese had a little tang in it.... A splendid effort sir! By the way you had me fooled for a minute with the English accent - I had to check your ID in case there was actually another Brit on this site other than me (apart from the rather lovely young filly who sings Hallebritishluia - in an American accent, perversely enough). Perhaps you have English forebears.....and there's some kind of genetic throwback going on. On the other hand, that's probably total bollocks (a pithy English term deriving from middle English for testicles, and now meaning rubbish, nonsense, etc)
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I was kind of stuck in the accent after recording a version of Jersey in the guise of Mr. Gumby from Monty Python's Flying Circus for the inevitable remix album. I do like to consider myself a bit of an anglophile, but my accent tends to degrade into something resembling a wounded Scot after a stroke, lest I concentrate the whole way through.
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This is fantastic
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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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