Hallelujah für Stimme und Streichquartett

June 13, 2009 12:23 PM

I've been in a string quartet frame of mind for the last few weeks. The abrupt end is intentional. Not sure why.

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Very nice. Your treatment really emphasizes the religious undertones, I think, which is kind of interesting.
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I think this has gone on long enough. The "religious undertones" are a farce. The song is about an orgasm, and ends on the note of premature ejaculation. Find it biblical, if you like, but the metaphor is of sex. Listen to Cohen's delivery, not anyone else's, and you'll see it. Seriously, has no one actually paid attention to the actual song? At the risk of borrowing an Internet cliché, you're doing it wrong (to clarify: Not the cover, the comment, and others like it).

I don't mean to take away from this version, I thought the arrangement was quite nice, honestly. Very nice synth (I presume it was synth strings, due to the ridiculously low amount of vibrato), smooth harmonies, very good execution.
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Your voice and phrasing are really pretty on this. Nicely done. The arrangement is interesting, too; I like that high note that's sustained throughout the chorus as the vocals wrap around it.

One question: do you sing "haith" at the beginning of the second verse?

There are clearly religious undertones -- and overtones, too, especially in the original version of the lyrics, and some of those lyrics are used here. The arrangement does emphasize those undertones, and that is interesting, and I don't know why askmeaboutLOOM is being such a fussbudget about it.
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No, I'm singing "faith", but I lingered too much on the sibilance of the "f" so it sounds like "haith".
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Sorry...my fussbudgetry has subsided to quiet annoyance now, but not before I wrote seven new verses to Hallelujah, which are, shall we say...less than subtle? They'll still be performed and posted here by the end of the week.

Also, I never denied religious undertones, the allusions are clearly biblical, but anyone who thinks the song is simply religious (I know of church choirs that sing this) is fooling only themselves. That's all I meant to say. I'm sorry if I came off the wrong way, I was just frustrated at other people re: this song, who have nothing to do with MeFi. Kind of a last straw, shoot the messenger thing. Anyone can get whatever additional meaning they like, or special signifiance from the song, but I think one should also understand and not forget the original intent of it.

I think the new lyrics will be fun, though.

Back on topic, were the strings actually synthesized, or did you and/or someone else actually play them? They sound very nice, but not quite "real."
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I used the solo strings of the Reason Orkester library, and they are my drugs of choice. I find them move convincing than some of the dedicated string instrument Refills I bought from Garritan and Sonic State. There's just one serious oversight -- no viola. So I use the Garritan Personal Orchestra Refill for that, and it really sticks out.
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Oh, okay. Very cool. Garritan does the job for me, in a pinch, but mainly just because it's at least better than general MIDI. The tone is right on this, the only reason I suspected some trickery was the lack of the ludicrous vibrato, typical of most bowed string-ers.
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The harmonies make this. That, and the single pizzicato note. Nice.
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Love the strings, thanks! I agree that the vocal harmonies take this to the next level...
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Yeah, this is good. Plus, to put an end to the debate upstairs, the Bible is all about ejaculation, premature or not.
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Oh, and the name you gave this song is super fun to say.
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