Cooter Brown

June 17, 2009 12:01 PM

Whimsical number about a famous historical character. Sending this one out to Jessamyn.

Written by the mando player. I'm on harps (jaw and french).
Shake yah butt. Drink yah drink. Get on the bus.

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Cooter Brown.
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Niiiice sliiiiide. This more bluesy sound suits WhoHitJohn really well. I remember I once saw a video where you guys were playing on a porch and a girl was singing that Mojo song (I got my mojo working, it just won't work on you...) and loved it. This is a lot closer to that than to the usual bluegrass I've heard from you (you the band), and you guys are really good at it. The band must be a blast live.
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This is really great. Just Fantastic.
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[this is good]
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Yeah - Catfish played in an electric blues kind of outfit before starting Who Hit John. It was actually called the Younger Dryas which is pretty much the coolest band name ever. So he's really good when he puts the slide to the resonator.
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