Winter Sun

July 20, 2009 10:28 AM

A song that I wrote walking down the streets of Chicago, depressed that I had nothing to write about.

What now, sometimes they come around
Where are we now, sometimes they melt down
Winter sun doesn't cherish the shape it's in, just stay as one
Don't idealise it when you're shadowed
A bus passed and cast a shadow over me
David got different and then he left town
Why don't they see when they're in the hollows
David won't notice when he gets shallow
And why shouldn't he work in the galleries?
Don't ask me where David goes, I used to think I would know
Yes I did

What's it like when you don't have to worry anymore
What could coat your mind when you kick down a stranger's door
And he knocks you over
Because he can see through you falling onto his shoulder
He says it's not fair, but it's good to know when you're older
What could coat your mind
David gets different after he tells his stories
He won't notice when he gets boring
Why don't they think they can live out their stories
Even if it's only about boys & cocaine

posted by lhude sing cuccu

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