Maria...Lorianne... (part two of two)

September 28, 2009 8:06 PM

Spacey, instrumental, bongo-heavy breakbeat-driven jam with vintage analogue organ sounds sampled from a Baldwin Funmachine. Picks up where the first half stopped and has more of a prog-hip-hop vibe than the first section.

The story of this composition is detailed in this post.

The two pieces together do not intend to tell a narrative story, but to explore facets of and possibilities within the samples that I used. It is not a song about a person or persons, but for them, despite the fact that it is probably not in a genre liked by either of the composition's namesakes. The song is not the story of itself, nor is it exactly the conclusion of it's origin story. It is not supposed to be a portrait, but trinket of appreciation.

The beginning and ending themes (of the whole) is sampled directly from my original organ composition and captures my grandmother saying "...I'll leave your name on it," which has been chopped into obscurity in this version and can barely be heard but is the overall sentiment of the composition. My grandmother is currently in extremely poor health and lives as a zombi.

The bartender the song is for is currently taking some time off and I wish her the best.

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I really like this. It has an intense cinematic feel that I would relate more to lounge music than to hip hop.

Very good, fuq.
posted by micayetoca at 7:51 AM on October 7, 2009

Yo fuq, you're work is always so good and unique! I will never forget the coffee song. Is there any chance you still have that?
posted by fiestapais at 7:39 AM on October 8, 2009

Oh shit, I don't know. Last time I was in NC I was hoping to pull the drive out of my old high-school computer and get all the old music off of it, but my parents had given it away, so maybe the song, among many others, is lost forever. If I ever find it I should post it on metafilter music.

...or maybe, someone didn't format the hard drive and is grooving away to the coffee song.
posted by fuq at 11:21 AM on December 1, 2009

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