Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (demo)

September 29, 2009 3:35 PM

An upbeat demo about plastic surgery from my next album.

I'm putting all the demo instrumentals and vocals online as I work on my new album. More info on my blog.

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Just say no to collagen! This is a lot of fun.
posted by itchylick at 4:39 PM on September 29, 2009

I swear that I was wondering the other day where you'd gone. It's good to hear this (which is, as itchylick says, a lot of fun). It's so big and loud and bright; I like.
posted by uncleozzy at 6:51 PM on September 29, 2009

You seem to be going for a very different and very... what's the word... disjointed?... feel on this upcoming album. This song felt really weird (almost uncomfortable) at first but by the end I was tapping along.

I await the new album with equal amounts of awe and fear.
posted by Effigy2000 at 11:33 PM on September 29, 2009

This sounds like a lot of songs I wish I wrote. Great job. I really like the vocals.
posted by abc123xyzinfinity at 11:54 PM on September 29, 2009

uncleozzy: I sometimes forget to post my stuff on here. Also I get stuck in Glenn Beck threads on MeFi.

Effigy2000: Well, these are just demos so who knows what the final thing'll sound like. I'm trying to weird it up a bit more though.
posted by frenetic at 9:22 AM on September 30, 2009

This is simply a good song - good vocals too. The only note of const. crit I'd offer is that I'd go for a drier mix than this (I know it's just a demo). I think this track needs to be more "in you face" if you understand what I mean - more immediate and kind of warmer. Christ - it's hard to explain sounds in words...... Anyway - I like it.
posted by MajorDundee at 1:39 PM on October 6, 2009

This sounds almost like a collaboration. Like something out of that Red Hot + Rio album, which, in my opinion, is very good. This sounds like a great new path for the band, it still has the same rock feel and spirit, with the added benefit of syncopation!
posted by micayetoca at 7:46 AM on October 7, 2009

Beck meets Smashmouth on a bossa nova bender.
posted by phrontist at 11:55 AM on October 7, 2009

Dig it. Eclectic.
posted by Grundlebug at 3:14 PM on October 7, 2009

MajorDundee: if you ever want to take a shot at mixing it to show me what you mean, drop a line.
posted by frenetic at 1:05 PM on November 11, 2009

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