an inadvertant end

June 4, 2010 12:41 AM

Me and MeFi's own Minus215Cee. I play the squishy trumpet and scratchy electronics toward the right, he plays the sharp sax toward the left.

A living room recording, mastered for amplitude / tone and trimmed, but otherwise unedited. Recorded toward the end of a two hour session, cut short by the recorder running out of batteries.

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nice. is that breathy white noise coming from the electronics? or is it passing traffic? austere but sort of beautiful. love the sine tone/no input mixer business near the end. respect due etc.
posted by peterkins at 5:13 AM on June 4, 2010

If it moves left to right or right to left, it is the traffic (I live on a busy street, and it was rainy, so the cars were even louder than usual).

The electronics are all a custom built csound softsynth running on a low powered netbook. No input mixer is my old instrument, and I am glad to hear I have achieved something similar with my digital tools. The manipulations I do near the end are kind of extreme but generally it is capturing instants of a moving average of the spectrum of the computer's mic, transposing the spectrum (separate controls for scale (harmonic transposition preserving harmonic ratios) and shift (additive frequency offset shrinking or expanding the overtone series)) and sustaining them. The computer mic was picking up a certain amount of line noise, so the result was a mix of traffic noise, a high pitched whine and Minus215Cee's saxophone tone, highly dependent on how loud he was playing. The pennywhistle like tones were a consequence of leaning on the shift / scale controls to produce extremely high transpositions and overtone manipulations of the input. At other points (not represented here) I was grabbing a virtual chorus of untransposed saxophone drones.
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you might add the improv tag. I'll have to come back later to finished, but this has definitely been marked for later enjoyment.
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Minus215Cee is the fucking man
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