June 23, 2010 10:59 AM

My first attempt at composing a song using musescore. A bit of a baroque feel to it. (not any real training so I may have broken lots of rules of composition :P)

posted by symbioid (5 comments total)

them's a lot o' notes! i liked the switched on bach-ness of it (is that the mac's built in synthesis?). some bits even made me think of zappa's jazz from hell.
posted by peterkins at 1:37 PM on June 23, 2010

LOL thanks :) musescore has some sort of sound sample set for the midi (downloadable separately) I think that synthy sound sounded the best. (i actually use a pc).

I'll have to check out Jazz From Hell...

The piece isn't as finished as I'd like, but it's good enough for me. heh.
posted by symbioid at 3:57 PM on June 23, 2010

Rules of composition? RULES OF COMPOSITION?! What the fuck are you talking about? There's no crying in baseball! Er, um...rules in composition!

It definitely has that Wendy Carlos vibe to it, and that's not a bad thing, at all.
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 4:02 PM on June 23, 2010

You got musescore to not crash after every input note? Color me impressed.

And yeah, you can throw whatever rules you thought may have existed in the dustbin.
posted by man vs sun at 5:57 PM on June 23, 2010

Thanks for the anti-establishment support :P

I dunno... musescore has crashed a couple times but it seems pretty stable to me. I'm using WinXP...
posted by symbioid at 6:35 PM on June 23, 2010

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