scratch ticket salad

July 7, 2010 8:36 PM

been messing around with this recording for a while now. hope you like it. kind the doors plus pavement. kinda better and worse than that sounds.

don't you come up for air. i might be keeping score. the judges: they seemed unimpressed you couldn't beat the sugar pill. but, i'm still wanting more.

while you were out on your knees I taught my body to need you more than even before. and all my engines will roar like all the hungriest whores, and take us out for a drive.
scratch ticket salad/friendly fire

dead-letter sniper's nest. piles of slain messengers. two more came for each one fell and they all got the same sad tale to tell: the fronts a god awful mess.

well you should learn to keep your story straighter than that, or you should learn to just shut the fuck up. I know you can't turn ito off. I know it sings all day long, but why would you turn it up?
scratch ticket salad/why don't you come up for air?

posted by es_de_bah (4 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite

Very interesting lyrics, and the arrangement is creative too. I find myself wanting some of the sounds to emerge from the haze a bit (especially the drums and maybe the vocals), even if I can appreciate the quirkiness of the production. Overall, though, I dig it. Both complex and catchy -- that's hard to pull off.
posted by edlundart at 9:43 PM on July 7, 2010 [1 favorite]

I like this one. I see what edlundart's saying, but this sort off wall-of-sound is something that you do well, I think.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 3:50 AM on July 9, 2010

Loved it! Great job, do you have other stuff available?
posted by Sentus at 8:00 AM on July 9, 2010

Yeah, I'm a huge fan now. I would love to hear this live. Great feel and dynamics. Keep posting please. And record a whole record sometime.
posted by umbĂș at 2:47 PM on July 20, 2010

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