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August 18, 2010 6:04 AM

Cortex wrote: "I think it'd be neat to have more "here is a cool toy, have at it" threads over here, and so here's one of them." I also think this would be neat, and so submit the Audiotool.

I think Hobnox's Audiotool is a pretty famous Cool Toy (It's been previously on the Blue) but there are probably a couple of people out there who aren't aware of it, and it's a remarkable enough plaything that I think it's well worth bringing to music.meta's attention.

It's a flash-based application that lets you play with some Roland-like drum machines and keyboards and some BOSS-like stompboxes, patching them together in a whole host of ways.

It's grown since the last time I used it - there are logins and mixdowns available and all sorts of other bits and pieces.
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Oh nice! I remember seeing the post go by on the blue but not actually digging in at the time. Fiddling with it now is pretty nice; I haven't really done much sequence/chain-based work aside from a bit of fiddling with Reason several years ago, but this seems like it might make a really nice brainstorming tool.
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