February 7, 2011 12:43 PM

A silly pop song that I wrote for my band Boeufcake. We've been playing together for years, but we have few recordings worthy of sharing due to the tediousness of multitracking and the shit kicking good time we'd rather have drinking beer and playing loud. Be aware, there's a couple naughty words in this song.

This is my first contribution, feedback most certainly welcome. I play guitar and sing.

Coincidentally, we are playing at the Seven Seas, a Chinese restaurant/rock and roll venue on Lake City Way in Seattle, this Saturday.

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Also, in case it's not clear, we the listeners are not meant to sympathize with the protagonist of this song.
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 12:52 PM on February 7, 2011

Cool, man! The vocals were clear, but the lead guitar was a bit down in the mix. I'll see if I can catch you guys live. I imagine you cut loose on stage.
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fuckin a, that rocks
more more more
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This is a lot of fun, and the thought of it playing in a combination Chinese restaurant/music venue is perfect. "I'm hot shit on a silver platter / watch my life go from bad to badder."
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Love this.
In those crazy few transitional years of 1979-81 my older brother had a band that never did anything but practice over and over in our basement and I remember they were always trying to learn songs like the Monks' "Drugs in My Pocket."
This totally brought back that vibe for me but in a way more polished incarnation. Slightly Knacks-ish, in a good way.
Really like it.
Post more.
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Slightly Knacks-ish, in a good way.

Funny, we do cover "Good Girls Don't." Will try and post more, the tracks are recorded, it's just that mixing is time consuming and I suck at Logic.
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