A Conception Serene [rest for the wicked rmx]

September 11, 2006 1:47 PM

The second in a series of songs i've remastered for a short [50 copy] run of my favorite tracks from 2002-2006. This one is a little more experimental and insomnia-fueled than the last one i posted, but not completely abandoning the previous emphasis on melody and atmosphere. See inside for more.

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So check it out: i'm happy to give these songs away for free, but if you'd like a physical copy of it along with a whole lot of other tracks, alongside with two other V/A compilations on CD, read on.

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The Phylum Sinter 'Exclusive Remasters 2002-2006' CD is finished and now in circulation. It contains 16 tracks and clocks in at nearly 70 minutes total. Each copy is hand numbered and limited in an edition of 50 along with two different multi-artist compilations shipped anywhere in the world for $18. The links above contain audio examples.

Anyone interested in supporting independent musicians (and more specifically, my output) is encouraged to send an email to phylumsinter@comcast.net with 'cd sale' in the subject line, or follow the paypal donation link on my home page. From there, you can just donate $18 and put your address in the special instructions section of the paypal form.
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Comments appreciated :)
posted by phylum sinter at 1:58 PM on September 11, 2006

I like, thanks!
posted by Popular Ethics at 10:39 PM on September 16, 2006

Downloading this, thanks a lot!
posted by hermitosis at 6:59 PM on September 17, 2006

Superb balance of pretty and glitchy. As with all your stuff, a pleasure.
posted by cortex at 6:13 PM on September 21, 2006

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