classroom chorus

April 15, 2011 10:06 PM

A bunch of bored Intro to Music History undergrads, coerced into making some weird sounds.

It's been a while, oh MeFiMusic! So, if you haven't seen it before, and if you like weird things, feel free to check out my piece-a-day-for-a-year blog, Clang Jingle Clang, where something odd is created daily with a mix of household objects, a handheld recorder, and some softwares.

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ah crap, this is the wrong track. my bad.
posted by daisystomper at 10:08 PM on April 15, 2011

This is why we preview. All the same, while not what you meant to post, it's a lovely field recording. I've been collecting from various sources with the goal of making and releasing a musique concréte album sometime this year, and this is a really beautiful example of what you can get when you just pay attention to the ordinary world a little more intently.
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Just a small hint: I know that, on very rare occasions, the mods can be coerced into replacing the song you've uploaded with another one, if you like. So, you could always contact them if you want it fixed, and see if they can...
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