Beautiful Bidet

June 22, 2012 4:10 AM

A short song about the positive and then the negative male relationships in my life. Features classical guitar, reverbed out bowed banjo, auto-tuning, synth, french doors slamming. This is the latest in a string of versions of this song, having trouble finishing it.

With the rain falling so hard
it's hard to fall alseep. I think of
following you three.

If by this time next year
you've all moved away,
I don't think this special part of me
will stay.

When you hop all your trains
and you come up from below,
I will drop every piece
just to watch you
go about my life for a couple of days,
just to watch you sleep in my room.

I want to believe you're visiting me.

(Title is an inside joke among said male friends wherein we replace phrases that use the word 'day' with 'bidet'.)

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