Heroes Run

September 24, 2012 5:45 AM

A story of an unexpected journey, and a choice to make; part rock opera, part... wolfdog, I guess. Lyrics inside!

A crystal ball in the window of a shop
Such a quaint superstitious device
On a whim I decided I would have it
It was mine for a modest little price

At home that night by the fire
With the wind driving hard outside
There was not much left of a bottle of wine
And not much left of my pride

With a single foolish glance, I was captured
I hardly even tried to resist
Drawn to the center of the blue-white glass
By a slow-moving figure in the mist

Like a curious cat regarding its prey
She brought her gaze to mine
The reflected light put fire in her eyes
Made her jet black hair seem to shine

Her song was all I heard
Felt like all I'd ever need

See what death can be
What you've lost is here with me
What you fear I lay to sleep
All your dreams...

As we walked through her garden together
She led, and I didn't dare stray
It was warm and the air was gentle
She said it always seems to be that way

I was strong, and I carried no burden
Standing tall as an oak in spring
And I finally heard the voice that I'd missed so long
That I wanted more than any damn thing

The song was all I heard
Felt like all I'd ever need
Never ceasing in my mind
Through the bitterest of times

See what death can be
Come and rest a while with me
Long ago we both were free
Join me now again...

I have waited patiently
For your touch to bring me peace
Now we're close enough to reach
Come to me, love...

...Coming to, my head was screaming
Three days spent near dead and dreaming
I was starving-wasted-shaking cold with sweat

Spinning staring at the ceiling
In a half-suspended state and feeling
fury on the heels of raw regret

I bit down hard cause I needed the taste of blood
And the shock put me back on a steady keel

I bit down hard cause I needed the taste of blood
And the shock brought me back

Even in a sober state the echoes lingered
From the lady's liquid silver serenade
The persistent sympathetic resonation
Of illusions too near real to really fade

But the glass itself was silent dark and empty
Not a flicker of an image still remained
I threw it on the rocks in the gutter
Let the pieces wash away in the rain

See what's left of me
Turning grey and growing weak
Heroes run to what they seek
Cowards turn

Wow, that's a lot of words in four minutes.

posted by Wolfdog

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