Midnight Harbour Dance

February 2, 2013 10:40 PM

Victoria, BC's inner harbour is the perfect place to go after-hours on a clear night, put on headphones, and dance your face off by the water. Here's a song in honor of silly summer times.

I still seem to be exploring the musical possibilities of a single, repeating arpeggio pattern. I find it interesting how, even though extremely dense technical, this pattern can eventually fade into a background context and become more of a texture than a melodic line. It becomes tricky, however, to figure out what to do with this pattern once it is established. Add a solo instrument on top of it, and the result is cacophonous; take the pattern away, and the ear sorely misses it. In the midst of negotiating these challenges, I also experiment with a rather unorthodox clave pattern, playing on all offbeats as opposed to the standard 2-3 or 3-2 clave.
Thanks for listening!

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I really like this! I don't even have a constructive comment, it's just the sort of thing I like to listen to while I'm working :)
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