June 11, 2013 2:32 PM

Pretty sloppy/quick recording.

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Me: charmed.
posted by chococat at 3:08 PM on June 11, 2013 [1 favorite]

You've got a lovely voice, and I like the chorus a lot.

How'd you record this track? I hear the kind of aliasing/phasing noise I associate with built-in mic weirdness. I get a similar thing with my mac, and I find that adjusting the angle of the laptop to me can really make a difference.

Post more songs!
posted by dubold at 2:04 PM on June 12, 2013

All I've got is a macbook! I need more friends with fancy microphones. How do you tilt your screen?
posted by pugh at 2:23 PM on June 12, 2013

well, on my macbook the mic is on the left-hand side of the keyboard, in the bottom part of the speaker section, if I recall correctly. I figured this out by arming a track while wearing headphones, and then scratching/tapping the macbook and listening to the volume of the sound.

I found that turning the macbook at a slight angle to me helped out. So i opened the mac like a book, with the speaker aimed at a point midway between my face and the guitar, and then angled myself toward that. Experiment to see what works best for you!
posted by dubold at 10:41 AM on June 13, 2013

You could mask the hiss with a bit of reverb, which would suit the music quite well. This is quite lovely.

I've got quite a few filters that I could use for a mix refresh if you're interested. It would take me 15 minutes tops.
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Oh please yes I am so interested! Could I give you another, less sloppy version?
posted by pugh at 2:28 PM on June 14, 2013

Sent you a MeFi mail.
posted by dobie at 6:42 PM on June 14, 2013

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