December 2, 2006 3:49 AM

Acid-ambient space dub loops. This is a live jam I did with a friend while visiting him in Seattle. The rig was comprised of me playing small and very slow beat loops in Traktor at BPMs relationally fractional to a master tempo of 110 BPM, while my friend looped samples in Live, both from prerecorded and live samples from mixboard outputs and sends. There is a Macbook microphone involved in the sampling of the room and as a feedback and reverb source. There is no shared MIDI clock in use - all tempo/pitch control is manual, and listen for long beat-count tempo-drifts of loop components, which are manipulated and intentional. The majority of this dub takes place as variations of two beats in one "measure", sometimes four but never more. This cut of the track is the last ten minutes of approximately one hour of play and loop building. It is pre-release version intended for derivitive works, remixes and redubs. (If you wish to remix, sample, splice, loop, fuck, deconstruct or otherwise destroy this track, I would vastly prefer that you please contact me via the email in my profile for the uncompressed and unprocessed file and the full Creative Commons license. Please do not use this low-bitrate file.)

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Feels like... if Tom Waits made some techno, it might sound like this.
posted by Area Control at 12:19 PM on December 5, 2006

sort of reminds me of the orientation video i saw when i joined the Borg. a bit funkier, though, which is a Good Thing.
posted by garfy3 at 10:28 AM on December 9, 2006

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