Do You Feel?

January 24, 2015 8:11 PM

Original Power Pop from Austin. Buzzie is an old band name, but with new membership. The current lineup spent 4 hours in the garage cutting demos 2 weeks ago - this is a rough mix of the live tracks.

Posting this because I'm happy about it, even though it's not complete. Scratch vocal through a not particularly good mic -- that will be replaced, as will the rhythm guitar track so that singer/songwriter John McElhenny won't have to do both at the same time.

I played a gig with John last year at the International Pop Overthrow on bass, then we all went our separate ways. When IPO rolled around again this year, Johnny Mac had some new songs but was without a guitarist, so I recruited fellow Yes Men member John Viehweg to fill lead guitar duties. You may note that he's a huge James Honeyman-Scott fan. I was hearing the Cure or the Smiths when I wrote the bass part, which I did, incidentally, before ever hearing the melody. Jay the drummer is a huge Rush fan. Odd mixture, but I think it works. (we mostly all wrote our parts via email distribution of mp3 versions) It is accidental how the bass part & vocal melody fit together. John Viehweg is also a bit of a studio engineer & he has some recording gear, so since the gig went off so swimmingly, he suggested we record the new songs that haven't been put down, yet. This is one of them.

I'm Playing my '64 Thunderbird bass through a 50-watt marshall, here.

I'll post the finished version for comparison when we get this thing done in a month or two.

posted by Devils Rancher (2 comments total)

You guys are tight. I look forward to the polished version.
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 7:43 PM on January 25, 2015

Totally dig this.
posted by General Malaise at 12:38 PM on January 28, 2015

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