3 - ozzy mandy - vampire deer

March 31, 2016 3:39 PM

song 3 of the rpm project drones

its the ghost of old movie theatres waiting for sunrise
like vampires of the heart, they make their gestures, they crack wise
never cold in the evening gown, never rough in the black tie bind
they have their routes and routines, they are much like us in mind

and it was vanity, it was vanity on the nightstand, in the bed
it was a way to pass the time that didn't count as dead
following taillights in detroit or taillights in l a
always something in between each drink to say

the kids can't see you on the cell phone, resolution not enough
seasons whirl like prophets and your skin gets tough
all the places that you entered now just cold brick doors
there's dust upon the flowers and the ballroom floors

my name is ozzy mandy, companion to the stars
this is how they walked that walk, this is how they hid the scars
this is what they did and the stories that i made
no one cares - just another dream, just another shade

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Sonically, I love the tone of the vocals, really nice distant breakup. The long mellow tempo feels like a wide summer river at low water, barely moving but for the surface ripples. And the synths sound of cicadas and tree frogs and bull frogs. Hot and glarelight and breezeless and solitary.

Lyrically, your imagery is really rich and evocative, very high amount of artfulness.
posted by BlackPebble at 5:31 AM on April 4, 2016

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