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January 4, 2017 10:27 AM

(voice of announcer from Star Wars Episode 1 Podracer for Nintendo 64) it's a new lap record

This song is actually fairly old - I recorded the acoustic guitar part in Victoria about a year ago, and just got round to updating it with the rest of the parts now. I tried once more recording without a click track, and performing midi drums along to the acoustic track. Synths done using software this time, rather than the JX-8P, and used POD again for all electric gtr sounds

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This song has four parts, which shift the song's gears noticeably:
1) Shimmery, like the soundtrack to a 2000's console racing game
2) Extended Dire Straits lead-out
3) Thick-sounding guitar solo (reminds me again of the sound that Satriani or Steve Vai get out of their guitars)
4) Then back to shimmery videogame, and then each instrument gets up and walks out of the room one at a time.

I liked it! Well-paced. If I were put on hold, this music would have entertained me for the duration of the hold time. Your call is very important to us.
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