Fluid Bonded - John The Rabbit

December 9, 2017 8:13 PM

After co-writing and producing an album for a friend this year I decided, what the hell, Trump is President and we're all gonna die, may as well get over my fear of singing and write a solo album. This is the first compositon that gelled from that effort and made it onto the final album (which album can be heard on Bandcamp here). Recorded entirely in my spare bedroom, using Logic, Ableton, various iOS music apps, and my own human body.

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we're all gonna die, may as well get over my fear of singing

Amen. That's basically my mantra this year too. You sound good!

And as I was thinking about that, I heard the line "call this mess home," and I like the ambiguity in that context—it could be an exhortation to stay or an exhortation to take you away. Also, as I was listening, I imagined this was written from the perspective of the room itself in places, which is interesting! Lots of good ambiguity.
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Thanks limeonaire!
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