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March 29, 2018 4:06 PM

I have been writing some new songs that are probably influenced by the fact that I am listening to a lot more pop music than I used to. However, they don't sound like what I'm listening to, despite the fact that I do not feel I have invented some new, groundbreaking genre here. How would you describe this song? Any artists/genres it sounds like?

Sorry for the rough vocals, I am figuring out my new microphone.

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In general I think of this as Trance Blues (not this, more like a distant cousin of this), which sometimes includes artists such as Cat Power and Will Oldham. I'm thinking there have to be some folk precursors here too, but I can't think of them right now. See also: Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire."

The strings and chorus give it a pop inflection (more Alternative or Modern Rock if taken in isolation), and I hear the monotonic nature and repetitive structure as folk/bluesy.
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Really love the flat but intense feel of the vocals on the verses. Got a bit of a tin ear so can't offer much more commentary. Reminded me of something obscure, but not in a meaningful way, just in the sense that I roughly group everything with handclaps together.
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Aha! Doesn't literally sound much like the bit when "Allah Muhammad Char Yaar" kicks in, but I could imagine the two mashed-up.

(again, I concede a tin ear plus that new mike on your end to boot!)
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Something about the drone vocals is tying this really strongly to like a folk-She Want's Revenge, which is a pretty cool sound.
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it sounds to me like judy collins trying to do bone, thugs and harmony with country rhythms - or i don't know - some kind of cross between folk and harmonic rap
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I was thinking Tracy Chapman.
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There's something about this, the chanting and finger-picking and key, that sounds like a cousin to Frontier Ruckus' "Rosemont." I'm not really sure what to call that band either, except perhaps urban folk?
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