March 30, 2018 11:16 AM

bit of rap beat I made this morning

posted by CarrotAdventure (4 comments total) 7 users marked this as a favorite

It sounds like The Promise Of Mario, forever delayed.

posted by I'm always feeling, Blue at 6:32 PM on April 5, 2018

Always super dope. The arpeggiator reminds me of I think the over world music from SNES Claymates. Good memories.
posted by TheNegativeInfluence at 10:32 PM on April 5, 2018 [1 favorite]

This immediately brought to mind the title screen for some sort of 8-bit adventure game involving a rabbit.
posted by grumpybear69 at 7:57 AM on April 6, 2018

TheNegativeInfluence, SNES Claymates had amazing music - the map screen arpeggiator music has always been a dear favourite. Good call there.
posted by CarrotAdventure at 12:31 PM on April 6, 2018

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