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July 21, 2018 11:18 PM

Almost ten years old: Came across one of my favorite songs from my band Big Ghost. One of our first attempts at home recording with drums. It's about backyard baseball, magic tricks, social anxiety and flirting.

It's got a long shot feel. It's got that curriculum vibe. You've got invisible men on first and third. You've got the crowd hanging on your every word. And when you call your shot, that's when I knew that it was you for true.

Seen you swallow your teeth down one by one. Saw you licking the trigger off a loaded gun. Singing, 'love, my love. I've been having fun for two. For you'
So imagine me: just how dumb I feel when I'm paralyzed, scared of standing still. Singing, 'love, my love. Break in to a run for me.'

It's got a long shot feel. It's got that curriculum vibe. I was a volunteer in your audience that night.
You said, 'Sir, we've never met. You've had no prior instruction.'
I said, 'Yeah, well that's true. We've had no proper introduction. But I know you so well that I could do this trick myself.'

I've seen you swallow your teeth...
I've been getting drunk for two, for you...

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This is really good. /me googles big ghost
posted by nikaspark at 6:40 AM on July 22, 2018

I really like this. I’d just assume this was a top radio hit from an influential 2000s band if I heard it at random. What did you do in this band?
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