warm for december (christmas cheese mix)

January 3, 2019 5:41 PM

Song written with my old band, Big Ghost, about unseasonable New England weather. Bit of an oldy but goody, I threw together this recording to send to my old bandmates on the east coast as I live in sin in California. Hope you enjoy. If you can, please help me with toning down the harshness while keeping the excited sound.

Parking lot plows building a miniature statue of Everest. Shopping cart kamikazes poking holes in the side. Race to the top, plant a flag and come right back down again: capturing something that only exists for a night.

If you think it's cold, you don't want to know what's next. Leave this frozen north, build yourself a winter's nest. But everybody knows about you: you're no bluebird.

So when the ice on the sidewalks makes temporary fossils of footprints, we're tracking the migratory patterns of winter boots. It's warm for December; the salt and the sand got no contest. I can't get a baby, it's cold outside fuck out of you.

Make yourself a southern guest. Everybody knows, don't you? You're know snowbird.

January was a nice surprise. You caught me dreaming of those dark, dark eyes. February was a dirty trick. You had to give me all that time to think. That's too much time to think.
So who's gonna sing in this city? Who's gonna let me in? Who's gonna give me a good excuse to do some damn fool childish thing like walk to the train on a tuesday night through the freezing rain for a pair of eyes, but you?

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I really love this. I zoned out listening to it, went to other tabs, entirely forgot it wasn't just part of my music library. It's very good.
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Used some of this in this month's podcast!
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