Every Single Last Time

April 27, 2019 12:10 AM

I think I wrote and recorded a Gin Blossoms song? I'm pretty happy with how it came out, but I don't know if I can take any credit. This is just me channeling the 90s. I guess I should ask for advice about how to manage the ceilings when using limiters. (more inside)

Started out as an acoustic, Elliot smith vocal thing. Then it became this. I don't know if the world needs another Gin Blossomsy song about addiction, but here it is. Lyrics:

Every single last time, you should mark a hash line on the wall for every little time you took a fall. Oh, I don't believe that you've kept any track of them at all. Every single last time, you tell yourself that it's fine to give in. Everybody's got their favorite sin. Do it again.

You say no one's keeping score. But that's not something you should ignore. Because even if it's true, it means they've given up on you. It's just a little thing that you like to do.

Every single last time, every single last line that you've crossed. Say a prayer for every friend you've lost. Is it such a good time, every single last time? Sure it is. You don't even bother to resist. Christ, it must be bliss! For you to hardly even give a shit.

Looks like no one's keeping score.

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