July 31, 2020 11:08 PM

pop song with a train beat feel

I can tell you which one you're talking about
I can tell you right now I'm on the fence
I'm checking out the light show now

I can wake you up in the morning I guess
climbing out the weight of your deep blue sheets
hanging back to get some now

oh the mirrorball
I don't know what you'd risk and I don't know what you'd miss or
who's home
I never really cared about that
oh, two to one
if you hang around with this and you're hanging on my hips
don't fall
and I won't make a single sound now

you mentioned how you were all so bored last time
and you could bother them one by one
or I could have met you now
you could find some wishful man, go home
and he could father your wishful child
and tear it to bits one by one

and you're slow
you're tugging on my hips and you won't remember this one
I couldn't really miss you now
and it's humble
when you're walking out the front door, talking through the back door
home, and I can't imagine anyone else

and you can help me stitch this moment, I guess
and you can talk to your blissful men
and tell me what they tell you back
I can't imagine that you'll want me home at all
I hear you moving and I wish you'd run
taking out an awful man

And the mirrorball
you're taking out the leadership, looking for the leaders
from a uniform
I didn't want to jinx this now
and you were born
and you said that you're in love but you're taking lots of chemicals at
you'd better set your chapters fast

and you know that you're rich, from the rich, strong, holy side
the rich and the powerful, this for sure
and you can hear their reach from home
and Meagan had too much to drink last night
she could remember her reach for the war
she had to get her limo home

and your menopause
and your many many mennonites, I can hear the women at home
it wasn't like a 'nay' thing now
and your mirrorball
waiting round your floor, and you're waiting round any door
and you're ringing up north from home

posted by CarrotAdventure

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