Don't Go To Strangers (piano/vocal rehearsal)

February 22, 2007 1:14 PM

Another 2006 rehearsal recording... cleaned up but obviously very rough still. Don't Go To Strangers was written in 1954 by Arthur Kent and David Mann, with gorgeous lyrics by Redd "Frim Fram Sauce" Evans. Many people have covered it, but Etta James' version is the one that infatuated me to give it a go myself. Gorgeous piano work provided by the perpetually kickass Tamir Hendelman

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(snaps fingers a lot) oh, wait wrong era. I was actually thinking about you last night while watching American Idol, I was thinking, "Man, miss lynnster would kick thier ASSES!" Not that you would caught dead on that show.

Beautiful take on a great song!
posted by snsranch at 4:09 PM on February 22, 2007

Awww, thanks! :)
BTW, I'm not even eligible because their current cutoff age is 28. I actually think it would be a far more fascinating show if there was no age limit... I'd LOVE to see who would throw their hat in the ring. There are some senior citizens who can really belt out a tune! (Note: I was not referring to me. I'm not yet a senior citizen.)
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Gorgeous tune, this one, and a lovely interpretation, miss lynnster. Wish your vocal was a wee bit more upfront, but like you say, it's a rough rehearsal recording. You should get yourself into a studio, ideally with your excellent accompanist, there, Mr. Hendelman, who as I see from his website has recently kicked out the jams with none other than the King of Thailand... damn! .
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