Gin Diana

January 19, 2022 1:26 PM

Trying out some new recording equipment

I am renting a Yamaha silent guitar which I used for the acoustic part of this track. It sounds *ok*, but I'm absolutely in love with it from a practical point of view. Recording acoustic guitar parts at my place is a usually huge pain, especially in the winter as my studio room is right next to the furnace room of my building and it's impossible to get a steady 3 or 4 minutes where the furnace isn't on and/or there's someone stomping around upstairs.

I also recently bought a pair of Audix A152 headphones; this is the first demo I've mixed with them. Slowly but surely getting my recording situation more dialed in!


you know what I know
you say what I say
it looks like you're numb
it looks like you're ok

to choose on my own
and deliver a song
they said it might be you
they came in lost, wrapped up
Gin Diana

he can be us
he can ask us
he'll get a landfall
he can ask us

gin on my nose
and you remember my name
you think it was you
you think that you're saved
and you looked in my hand
and you looked at your face

and if you miss my hand, it's over

it's out of my hand

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