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January 25, 2022 12:24 PM

another lil uke song for to practice my spanish while i'm out here herding goats in the desert

I swear that, in actuality, I can pronounce "aunque". :( Also I was prompted to post because I so agree with this comment:
I really like the spirit of amateurism (which I think is more important than professionalism) on Projects and MeFi Music...
from the recent MeTa inviting folks to introduce themselves. I have so enjoyed making amateur art over the past couple of years* and am so dang happy to have a place like this to share. Until the world allows it again, this remains my favorite open mic stage.

[*But also I should add some of y'all are real impressive and professional! I am delighted by the amateur and very much non-amateur talent alike.]

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Awesome. Is that actual desert wind in the background? Herding goats and making music--sounds like the life!

Also, thanks for signal-boosting that quote extolling amateurism. I intend to do my part to increase the level of amateurishness around here!
posted by mpark at 1:43 PM on January 27, 2022

That was very pleasant. Thank you.
posted by drowsy at 4:44 PM on January 27, 2022

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