What If God Wanted Pasta Sauce

February 27, 2007 1:23 AM

I can't believe it never occured to me until tonight to post what is by far my most famousest song! This is not actually the recording I made back in August '05. This is a somewhat improved version that I made about a year ago. The improvements were really just redoing the vocals so they weren't as bad, and putting in the electric guitar part. It's funny-ha-ha.

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A friend of mine had the idea for doing a parody of What If God Was One Of Us about the FSM back when that whole thing started. Except he didn't really have the time/interest/ability to do it himself. So he said to me: "Hey, you. Do this thing. It will be awesome."

And I agreed. And I did it. And it was a crappy little two-track thing that represented what was essentially the limits of my singing and recordings abilities and I put it on the Internets and it was good.

And then I got the silly idea to submit it to Boing Boing. I got made Internet Famous for about 30 seconds (or at least there was the predictable HUGE spike in traffic). And I was kind of mildly annoyed with myself that I'd not worked a little harder on polishing the recording before shining a big spotlight on it. I did, one bored weekend, go back and redo bits of it.

I still think it's funny. Though, I cringe at some of the singing.

I think the solo's kind of pretty. It represents almost the limits of my ability to shred (without resorting to just making a crap load of noise).

It does not really shred.

Confidential to Mr. Ynoxas: HERE. SOME GUITAR. YA HAPPY NOW, PUNK?
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That is some good and funny stuff. Especially when I scrolled down and saw: HERE. SOME GUITAR. YA HAPPY NOW, PUNK?

That'll show Ynoxas! Tee Hee! I really liked that solo too, btw.
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Well, I never. That was marked confidential, snsranch. You were not supposed to read that. I suppose you wander around opening other people's mail too!
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As a matter of fact, I am happy. But of course I just ate some chocolate chip cookies, so who's to say if it was the guitar or the yummy Toll House morsels?


Fun tune.
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I uh pa lo gize! dun dun duh, dun dun duh, I uh pa lo gize! etc.
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