Talkin' Atheistic Blues

February 27, 2007 4:56 PM

A song for Franky, his wife who shops at Whole Foods, and their kids who live on YouTube. Above that, a song for George himself. I wrote this back behind enemy lines. The beat was made upon my return and it was recorded the next day.

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Those rimes are carackin'. Nice. I'm totally inspired now to do some more "beat" oriented stuff. Nice bump. Thanks.
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the lyrics

now davey was sure if he prayed everyday
some gates would open; some soul would fly away
but there's several things wrong with that scenario
if you give me a minute i'll put in stereo

to begin, your praying is just thinkin and willin
there's an easier way to do it an'it requires no villain
no villain? no satan, recognize the lie
if you dig deep enough you'll find the villain inside

but i hate to play the devil's advocate
ah fuck it, i love it, it's my whole ettiquete
it's my testament, my sentiment,
for the rest i'm spent

i'm talkin' atheistic blues.

quite frankly, franky has no right to party
he can fight all he wants but frank, hey i'm sorry
you lost that privilige when you jumped off a bridge
why'd you do it franky?
you did it cause your friends did

do i sound like your mommy?
do i sound like a phony?
do i syndicate the boat when i'm diggin a pony?
does that make sense to you?
are the beats pro-progress?
my rhymes are spittin truth
but they're spittin regardless

your kissin the faces of the tyrants that own you
you look on, look bored, with your soy milk and tofu
whole grains and whole foods and organic grown shoes
while youtube tantalizes your kids
like 2 life crew was banned by the man in an effort to control you
but push through, remember you pushed through?
and now where the fuck are you?

i'm talkin' atheistic blues.

it's a little thing i like to call accountability
heard it has something to do with, uh responsibility?
its times like these i have to question your ability
i'm getting the sense this is beyond futility
your short-sighted thoughts of a happy utility
and more money all the time free for the nobility, silly?

that's fuckin' silly.

it's more than that, doesn't take a Kant to realize
our inhumane crimes are not the devil in disguise
it's nature, our nature, most of all its our nurture
so nurture me a better future.

for fairness, i'll digress and readress the rest of us
the lovers, and kermit, the dreamers, yeah the best of us
we be livin' our lives talkin' atheistic
in a void so empty, so how-can-i-put-this nihilistic
you've heard me before say "don't get so down"
that every voids a window if you take a look around
it's a matter of takin those eyes off of the ground
gaze into something real, true and profound

that's my perogative and that's my imperative
its my understanding, you heard it in this narrative
so reject, deflect, excommunicate
make a little progress and break a little hate

like this
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I love this. I've listened to it over and over. The soundbite at the end seems a bit out of place -- I guess it's a bit of a cheap shot while the rest is an intelligent argument.
posted by winston at 12:59 PM on March 1, 2007

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