November 23, 2023 8:36 AM

Rhythmic, simple, mostly analog

Playing around with some really simple sequencing - just LFO thru a quantizer. Single bass voice with some pinged filter drums, and a little texture underneath.

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There's a lot of different sections/feels for what sounds like a really spare set-up.

The arpeggios blend really well with the unpitched pings. In fact, I wasn't sure the pings were still here when the arpeggios entered. What voice is playing those arpeggios, anyway? Is it quantized LFO?
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I have a dual lfo, both doing downward ramps, and some fixed voltages, mixed and going into a separate quantizer. They are not synced meaning that depending on the lfo speeds you get different quantized notes. The oscillator has a really wide pitch range so you can get really different sounds just messing with an offset.

Actual equipment word salad - modular stuff - maths (lfo) into Ornament and Crime (quantizer) into a Slightly Nasty oscillator that goes into a Low Gain LPG. LPG envelope and quantizer are clocked separately by a 0-coast. Also, quantizer has 2 presets and the EOR out on maths occasionally switches into a different set of notes.
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