Bring Me The Head Of Elmo

March 6, 2007 6:09 AM

Lyrics [with handy reference links!] and more information inside.

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This is a another tune from my RPM Challenge CD, "Let's Face It, You Were Wrong". This is the last one I recorded for the project, and I got it in just under the gun, deadline-wise, but... this current version I'm posting here enjoys the extra sonic benefits that another couple of hours work on a song can bring. In this case, that means a better arrangement, a snazzy little synth bit for the outro, and I forget what else. Anyway, this is the MeFi exclusive version! Please enjoy!


Bring Me the Head of Elmo

bring me the head of elmo
i'll make you some nice red house shoes
bring me john bonham's kick drum
i'll give you a hoop to jump through
show a little common courtesy
make me wonder what the world is coming to

life used to be a bowl of cherries
but then they took 'em and stuck 'em in a fruitcake
go stand under the door jamb
i'm starting to feel another earthquake
and the global warming's kicking in
looks like it gonna be a little shake 'n bake

went to church on sunday
my head was cloudy but the sky was clear
jesus up on the cross
said sammy i can see your house from here
took a little outta the collection plate
just enough to buy me a can of beer

i was up late
but you were up later making your plan
you'd go to pittsburgh
and i'd stay here just kicking this can
but i remember honey
when you used to call me your hoodoo man

we'll dig a little paddy
fill it fulla water and grow some rice
i can bake a pie
we can even give your mother a slice
we'll buy a little graveyard
make it real cozy fix it up nice
and try to stay happy
we'll think about death but we won't think twice

Copyright 2007 Samm Bennett / Polarity Records
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This is my favorite of the ones you've posted so far and by far. The rhythm is great all the way through (and the "snare" just came in as I was typing that) and the whistling is perfect. Definitely my favorite. Thumbs up, flapjax.
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Strange and fabulous things are whistling through my head now. (that's good)
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