May 6, 2007 2:52 PM

I recently dislocated my shoulder, and assumed music was out of the picture for a month or two. But I was getting pissed off at not playing, and discovered if I capoed everything up really high and didn't play anything too fancy, my arm could handle short bursts of pickin'. So I made a simple song, part French and part English.

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I can't decide whether I like the sound of French being sung or understanding the lyrics better. This is a lovely compromise.
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Nice! I love that whistling that accompanies the singing, gives it a curiously mournful-and-happy vibe at the same time. Your playing is great too, so maybe you should dislocate your shoulder more often!

Suggestion: add a whistling tag and join us cool kids over in that little corner of the intertagtubes.
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And, hey, you're already one of the inner circle over there at the whistlin' wigwam anyway, so what're you waitin' fer?
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I was just getting ready to post something but saw this first and played it. My wife said, "Wow". I said, "Dammit, and he's playing with a broken arm too!".

ORthey, you are just incredible! In nice to be in such company.
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My wife said, "Wow". I said, "Dammit, and he's playing with a broken arm too!".

Yeah, I thought the same thing. Very cool song, man. And I'm glad to see people are starting to come back, it was dead for a few days around here.
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Love the vocals on this one. The lower register works great with the higher tones of the guitar + banjo.
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Wow, it's like Dylan and Cohen got smushed into one person, and that person is sitting on the porch of the shack just past Lafitte's Landing.

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This is a wonderful song. It's probably a byproduct of your injury, but stripping it down to the essentials elevates it. If you haven't checked them out already, you should listen to some Calexico.
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Thanks for the awesome comments, everyone. Each one makes my shoulder feel just a little bit better.

And for the interested, here's a rough translation of the French part:

Start being patient
You think, you think
It’s just a stranger
Who’s dancing, who’s dancing
See you soon, little one – it’s me, it’s me
Who’ll wait for you at the end – it’s me, it’s me

How’s that, you don’t believe me?
It’s more towards,
More towards me, to your left
My – my brother
Went for it without a name
Went for it without a talent
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This is great; just wanted you to know I listened and liked it.
posted by chuckdarwin at 12:58 PM on May 11, 2007

Love it.
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Wonderful... Not my thing at all.. but.. at the same time its growing on me. Not sure how to classify the genre.. but I would listen to a CD of this in my car and enjoy it.
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That is some excellent freaking song writing... nice work!.. let me know if you need some help re-dislocating your shoulder after it heals... and I love the french...
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thank you
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