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August 26, 2007 12:54 PM

A Magnetic Fields cover I recorded recently. I've been working on my singing for a while, and I was mostly wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to go from here in improving it? Any other feedback is also welcome, of course.

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"It" meaning my singing in general, not this specific cover.
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Hey, this is really good. I'm sure that there are some things you can do to "render" your voice electronically , but I think you have the most important things down.

1. You voice sounds good.
2. It rings true-you can carry the notes really well.
3. You sound like you know how to use it.

In my opinion you have a really great voice. I'll leave it to other folks who know more about the recording and tweaking aspects to advize on how to make the most of it.

Keep on posting!
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A couple thoughts on your voice - first, I think you could clean up your consonants, your diction gets a little muddy. You can work on what will seem like almost overpronouncing and really spitting your consonants. You can overdo it but working on this will clean up your lines. I think you could also do some work on what I'd guess you'd call projection - putting more air behind your notes, working for a more forceful tone. You might want to look into simple formal voice exercises and warming up your voice before you sing. These things really do make an impact.
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I enjoyed listening to that cover. You do have a great start on a really good voice. You have a great ear for key and pretty good pitch.

A few tips, since you asked:

Seconding nanojath on "breath support". It sounds like you are flexing your diaphragm and holding your breath when you sing, and the air and pitch being forced out sound, well, forced. I'm not sure if that's actually what you are doing or not, but that's how it comes across to my ears.*

From a diction standpoint, it sounds like you need to open your mouth wider. Relax your jaw. You want your breathing, vocal cords, and mouth to be one harmonious system. Give the sound a wider chamber to exit through. This will force you to be more precise with your diction as well.

These are just some tips I've picked up from school and working in the recording industry with singers of all skill level with regards to these sorts of things. You already sound good, and I think if you work on some of these things you will sound really great.

*admittedly, my ears are filled with off-key pop country singers right now for reasons I won't go into, so anything on-key is a relief.
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Thanks, guys! This is all helpful and encouraging.
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um...i'm certainly not anyone to advise vocals.
just wanted to say, as a magnetic fields fan, taht i liked how you did the guitars...
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