Song for Summer

June 1, 2009 8:18 AM

As I was noodling around with these chords, beautiful summer has arrived here in Seattle. I couldn’t help but look out the window of our little music room at the gorgeous weather, flowers, blue skies, and people having fun on the water and asking myself, what am I doing inside on such a lovely day? And the answer is, writing a song about how I love the summer months as long as I’m safely ensconced indoors and out of the sun. It’s not my fault that I’m borderline translucent and in danger of melting in summer sun like a chocolate bar on the backseat of a car in July. But keep in mind, those of us who prefer it inside, aren’t necessarily anti-summer. We love watching it from the safety of air-conditioned shade.

Strangely (or perhaps not so strangely), I’ve been working on another song (that’s as of yet unreleased) that is an interesting exploration as it’s more in line with the musical taste of many of my friends as opposed to the traditional poppy sugary tunes coming out of my computer. I just wanted to see if I could do it. But something about this chord progression and the weather outside forced me to create this track instead. And special thanks to my son Sivan who came up with a useful rhyme for “sink”. So with apologies to James Taylor, and everyone else who writes fun poppy songs about having fun outside during the summer, here’s a summer song for the rest of us.

Song for Summer by Sugar Fix

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I almost overlooked this humrous gem of a song - it popped up at random on the iPod.
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