June 1, 2010 4:14 AM

an original song. :) ever had a bad break-up? i have. [warning, there's some explicit language toward the end. okay, there's a lot of explicit language at the end. ;)]

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So I spent a while listening to this at work today - actually listened to it about five times. I find it really fascinating. What's most interesting to me is that while there are things here taste-wise that I know I wouldn't have done myself - kinda in the pop-metal mode at points, the slightly Coldplay intro - there's so much here that's interesting that I keep getting drawn back to the track for various reasons, and even those bits are things that really grow on me when I hear it a few times.

It's really well produced - you've clearly put a lot into all the various components, and there are little touches that I really love. It comes together nicely as a whole, too, and you have a 'sound,' I think, that's cohesive beyond genre (that is, it's not identifiable as a particular thing - which is refreshing, frankly, in a copycat world.) I get the sense you've done a lot of recording, if only because there's a sense in which everything here is really well-honed - most of all, it has a real melodic sense, and a finesse to it, in that things are put together in the best possible way, I think. Frankly at this point, I have no idea what equipment you're working with, and I'm not at all an expert in this, but I think one big problem here is that there's a lot of compression of the track - it'd be awesome to hear a file of this with more depth and breadth, since there are a lot of nuances and layers to your production that it would be nice to hear better. I also feel like whatever reverb module or plugin you're using is probably a bit too dry, and is almost creating a kind of whistling hollowness to the track overall - which is interesting and odd, because I think it actually works in a way because it plays off the really cool, distinctive effect you put on your voice in a kind of compelling way. It's just that, in the end, I'd almost like to be able to hear everything a little better since there are so many neat things going on.

I like in particular the effect on the bridge at 1:10 or so, and these sort of techno/house touches over what is really a rock track - you're really good at sequencing stuff, and while I can tell when I listen closely a few times that this is largely synthesized, it doesn't show, and moreover it really doesn't matter, as it doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. The overall song structure is really tight, the sound is intriguing - I really liked it.

And... well, maybe I just listened to this at the right time. I identified with the lyric, anyway. Heh.

Please keep posting. I'm looking forward to your next.
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Wow!! Thank you so much for your incredibly thought and complete review! :) It really means a lot to me. Thanks so much. :)
posted by dacre at 2:01 AM on June 11, 2010

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